Double for Here

The Coffee Bar - Espresso in a cool environment

Ordering “a double” at a coffee shop just feels cool, like something out of an old western. (Yes, old westerns are cool.) Ordering it at a place named simply The Coffee Bar is even better.

In four weeks of being in Washington, DC I have visited ten local coffee shops, and this one was outstanding. Honestly, at the time I walked through the door I was having a crummy day. But after I ordered a double and sat down at a high-top table to wait, I noticed the quotes on the chalkboard menu. They were hilarious and cheered me up quite a bit. I won’t spoil them, because you should visit this place for yourself!

Besides enjoying the chalkboard humor and general good vibe about the place, I noticed one other thing that set the shop apart. When I returned the dishes, the barista who pulled the espresso asked how I liked it. As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t know a heck of a lot about how a “good” cup of coffee “ought” to taste. But the fact that the barista checked whether I’d enjoyed it meant that she cared about her work. That’s probably half of what makes something good: the fact that someone cares about it.

Of course there are plenty of shops that simultaneously don’t take themselves too seriously and care that they make a good cup of Joe. But TCB was particularly charming, and I look forward to going back.

And fear not, my thoughts on at least some of the other nine shops will come later! Washington, DC is prime local coffee shop territory.

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